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Pearly penile papules are frequently occurring lesions located over the corona and sulcus of the penis. They are asymptomatic and are considered to be acral angiofibromas. Some individuals, disturbed by their presence, request removal of the lesions. Even after patients are assured of the benign nature of the process and its relatively high incidence, prominent lesional involvement may still cause significant psychological distress. Two patients with pearly penile papules have been successfully treated with the carbon dioxide laser. A review of the literature and description of treated cases are presented.
Experts aren’t completely sure why some guys have PPP. Since PPP aren’t harmful in any way, they are also considered a normal skin variation. Additionally, guys can have PPP regardless of their race, geographic location, or sexual preference. Several reports say that uncircumcised guys may be more likely to have them than those who are circumcised.
Although age is not a clear defining factor in the onset of pearly penile papules, most males report onset of pearly penile papules between 20 and 40 years of age. There have been many cases reported of onset in males shortly after reaching puberty.4 Because pearly penile papules can be so small, some men do not even realize they have them until much later in life.

There is no quick method to remove pearly penile papules at home. The only quick and guaranteed method to remove PPPs is surgery. There are, however, treatments to help reduce and possibly completely remove PPPs naturally at home. They include using toothpaste, tea tree oil, castor oil amongst other things. Read more about them here How to Get Rid of Pearly Penile Papules -

Pearly penile papules (PPPs) are tiny lumps seen in neat rows around the corona of the glans penis (Figure 1). They can occur as a single row, or in multiple orderly rings encircling the corona. PPPs are numerous, uniform, symmetrical and dome shaped, and vary from 1 to 3 mm in length. PPPs occur in up to 20% of men and are frequently mistaken for warts, but bear no relationship to them.2,3 In difficult cases dermoscopy can be useful, as PPPs will have delicate, regular vessels that are distinct from genital warts. Histologically, PPPs resemble angiokeratomas.
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For castor oil to be more effective, you will have to wash the affected area with antibacterial soap and warm water. Next, make sure that the surface of the skin is completely dry before applying the oil. If you want good results you should not skimp when applying castor oil on the affected area. The more you apply, the greater the chances that the papules will disappear faster.

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